Prime Contractor


ARMI PRIME Contractor Division was created to bridge the gaps between the multiple industrial specialized business units within ARMI and outside subcontractors to become the single source of communication & accountability for an industrial construction project. Our intentions are to manage the project from a total ownership viewpoint and utilize our industry knowledge to maintain project workflows and challenging timelines with minimized interruption to the customer’s process. ARMI’s project lifecycles are managed through PROCORE to provide our clients with a direct view into the jobsite and historical data that is tracked throughout the entire Bid-Closeout process. We build a Roadmap of your Project.


  • ARMI Prime Contractor’s goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality of workmanship & professional services of a general contractor by running lien management that is specifically tailored to the food & beverage industry and understands the true needs of your business. Our goal is to eliminate your need for a GC that doesn’t hold the value of time in a production facilities at its core.
  • Our purpose is to provide your project with a management team that has a full grasp of your expectations & solely dedicated to our clients to build trusting relationships and provide the best customer experience.

PRIME Contractor Services Include:

  • Process & Utility Piping
  • Process Equipment & Install
  • Thermal Fluid
  • HVAC
  • Wastewater
  • ARMI Products & Parts
  • Design Build Engineering
  • Specialty Contractor
Contracting Division

ARMI Prime Contractor’s overall intent is to provide our clients with the best experience during the entire course of their project from Bid-Closeout. Building a trusted relationship that exceeds your expectations on a daily basis is what ARMI’s Mission was originally built from at the foundation of the company. ARMI PRIME Contractor will set the Prime example of how your projects should truly run from start to finish.

Allow us to be the PRIME solution for your next project.

We will send an ARMI you can trust.