Process Equipment & Installation

Contracting Division

In the industrial food market industry, we specialize in comprehensive process equipment and fabrication solutions that cater to your unique production needs. Our services encompass both design-build and plan-spec approaches, ensuring flexibility to meet your specific project requirements. With design-build, we collaborate closely with you to create custom-made equipment and facilities that are tailored precisely to your needs. Alternatively, our plan-spec services provide you with meticulous planning and precise execution, ensuring that your project adheres to the highest industry standards from start to finish. From stainless steel tanks to conveyor systems, we are committed to delivering solutions that streamline your operations, maintain product integrity, and align with stringent regulatory requirements. Trust us to be your partner in elevating your industrial food production capabilities, whether you prefer design-build or plan-spec services.”

Project Types

  • Turn-Key Installations
  • Plant Conversions
  • Quick Turnarounds/Shutdowns
  • New Construction


Project Design

  • Creation of as built drawings of project area – if not available
  • 3D Scan of existing project 
  • Process Engineering to meet your project objectives
    • Equipment Process Layout existing – AutoDesk Factory Floor 2d / 3d
    • Proposed Process Layout – AutoDesk Factory Floor 2d / 3d
    • Proposed Process Layout – AutoDesk Revitt, Inventor or Solidworks
    • Equipment Matrix – documents specifications of
      • existing equipment to remain / relocate
      • new equipment owner furnished
      • new equipment contractor furnished 
  • Engineered to Order – Food Plant Equipment & Plant Support Infrastructure
    • 14 years of ARMI Legacy 3D Models 
    • 4 years of Driveworks Configurable Products
    • Custom Design Specific to your Unique Applications