Tenderloin Splitter


Our Tenderloin Splitters are configurated to provide the optimum compromise between sanitation and maintenance. It has a single drive that powers both the dual conveyor belts as well as the cutting blade. The machine utilizes dual conveyor belts manufactured with a single pin construction. Additionally, the Tenderloin Splitter utilizes a 90-degree belt layout that aids in the presentation of tenders to the cutting blade. This design provides a visual target for placing the tender as well as funneling of the tenders to the center of the belt if placed slightly skewed. All Tenderloin Splitters are custom designed to fit specific needs.

Features & Benefits:
  • Single blade design
  • 1 motor functionality – Van der Graf drum motor drives both belts and rotating blades
  • VFD driven control panel
  • Pneumatic belt tensioner
  • Belt wash feature to reduce/prohibit debris and fat build up
  • Integrated safety features such as E-Stop button and ambidextrous safety switch
  • Start/stop safety switch on the lid
  • Volta grooved and hinged belt design for tracking and cleaning
  • Product hold down feature to ensure a clean and complete cut through product
  • Training is offered with this product
  • SS3B polished finish
  • 90 PSI compressed air to control belt tension
  • 480V 30 AMP
Product Includes:
  • Blue UHMW rollers and guides
  • Dual shock system for the lid
  • Drip Pans for easy sanitation/wash down
  • Blade changing tool
  • Spare Parts list