Sanitation Station


Our Sanitation Stations are designed to ensure sanitation requirements are met at your facility. Stations provide an easy and convenient way of washing down equipment at the end of every shift by providing single hose water line and a SS Lafferty airless foamer with 50’ hose and wand. 

Features & Benefits:
  • Single low pressure City water line with 3-piece 150 lb. Apollo ball valve
  • Single high pressure Hot Water line with 2-piece high pressure seal welded ball valve,
  • SS Lafferty Airless foamer with 50’ hose and wand
  • 50’ hose with 400 PSI adjustable spray wand
  • 304L stainless steel #4 polished
  • Floor and curb mount options available
Product Requirements:
  • ¾” city water drop
  • ¾” HPHW drop
  • ½” wedge anchors
Product Includes:
  • Spare Parts list