ARMI Manufacturing

Custom manufacturing to fit your company's needs

ARMI Manufacturing specializes in engineering and constructing high quality, stainless-steel equipment

  • ARMI Branded Products
  • Industrial Food Plants
  • Industrial OEM's that outsource fabrication of their products
Engineering Services

ARMI’s infrastructure includes Solidworks 3D engineering software combined with Driveworks to provide the customer the most comprehensive review/approval drawings possible and ultimately shop drawings.

ARMI’s engineers are the most proficient designers in converting a conceptual idea into a working 3D model for a more virtual customer review.

Engineer solutions using the highest technologies to reduce labor, increase production, and/or improve safety.


ARMI has state of the art CnC machinery that is integrated with offline sheet nesting and brake programming to create a very efficient manufacturing process.

ARMI’s 50,000lb automated inventory sheet tower feeds new sheets and retrieves cut parts to and from the 5k laser.  The integration of the two units has a capacity up to 850 square feet of material per hour.

Electric 150 ton CnC press brake with precision ground dies that maintain extremely tight tolerance for exceptional part quality.

Skilled master fabricators with years of experience produce the finest quality of craftsmanship.

Finished products go through a detailed weld passivation process to produce the most sanitary finished product for the food industry.