“Our mission is to design, develop and deliver the highest quality of products and solutions in the Industrial Market through innovation, technology and workmanship.”

Arkansas Myriad Incorporated

Arkansas Myriad Incorporated opened for business in 2003 performing specialty process and utility piping work specifically for the Industrial Market. Based out of Fayetteville, Arkansas, the family-owned business gained a positive reputation locally, which has grown the company nationally.

2011 brought a milestone to the company, by being awarded “Contractor of the Year” from Tyson Foods.

While continuing to grow, the company created three Industrial Divisions: Engineering, Manufacturing, and Contracting. All three divisions have grown to work together to create the highest level of products and services. The vision begins within the Engineering Division where the team uses innovated technologies to design the project. The process continues to the Manufacturing Division with the designs being fabricated with state of the art equipment. Completion of projects end with the Contracting Division, when the job is fully installed and completed. Our skilled team members are the strength within our divisions.

ARMI came from a small beginning to becoming a leader in the industry. Everything we manufacture is meticulously scrutinized by our customers from the following perspectives, therefore we consider them our CORE VALUES.


  • Maintenance – We engineer our products/projects to be easily maintained
  • Operations – We strive to make our products user friendly to operate efficiently
  • Sanitation – We’re dedicated to making our products/projects sanitary as possible
  • Safety – We’re committed to designing safety features for our products/projects

The entire ARMI team is committed to being the leader in our industry. Our clients can benefit from our excellent EM Rating that is a tribute to the stringent Safety and Anti-Drug Programs, along with having the most competent team members.


Tyson Foods “Contractor of the Year” Award – 2011

Acquired an 80,000 square foot facility – 2018

Fabricated the largest wastewater unit in the world – 2018

Arkansas Business of the Year Finalist – 2020

Grew 35% during the Global Pandemic – 2020

City of Fayetteville Mayor’s Environmental Stewardship Award – 2021