Fayetteville, AR, December 15, 2021 – ARMI, the Fayetteville based industrial company, has been awarded the Green & Sustainable business of the year by the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce for 2021. The company was recognized on December 6th at the annual Excellence in Business awards ceremony in Fayetteville which celebrates local businesses and organizations in the community who display excellence. This has been the second Environmental award the company has won this year.

“Our recycling program has been effective in our shop by making it accessible and convenient for our busy hardworking tradesman,” exclaims Niol Gonzalez, Lead of Recycling. “We reorganized the entire facility and created appropriate collection points with corresponding signage while also keeping employees engaged with the program by requiring efforts and holding them accountable. Today we are happy to be recycling 15 different materials by working alongside 6 different local companies and organizations.”

ARMI has made the commitment to go green by implementing a stringent recycling program within their facilities. The company saw this as an opportunity to not only help the city of Fayetteville reach their goal of diverting at least 40% of all waste from the landfill by 2027, but to educate their employees about the importance of sustainability and the extended producer responsibility of a company within the industrial market. In their efforts, ARMI has been able to downsize from a 30-yard dumpster to and 8-yard dumpster for non-recyclable trash. Additionally, they have also installed a detention basin for water that collects from their facility’s roof and asphalt parkin lot. This basin protects streams and rivers and helps to keep local drinking water pure.

“We believe recycling is a responsibility and necessity and our hopes is that the implementation of this program inspires other companies within our industry to make the same changes,” says Mandy Wolff, Chief Administrative Officer. “Our ultimate goal is to continue to research ways that can improve our recycling program and become more a more sustainable and responsible producer.”

Arkansas Myriad has become a leader in the Industrial Market by providing high quality products and solutions nation-wide.  Through innovated technology, all designs and projects are built with special considerations to maintenance, operations, sanitation and safety.  Based out of Fayetteville, AR, ARMI employs over 100 team members who comply with the company’s stringent safety and anti-drug programs.  For more information, visit

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